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of residents report needing Mental Health Services



of residents report they could not access necessary Mental Health Services in the past year



of residents are personally impacted by substance abuse

Katz Amsterdam Foundation Continues Vital Partnership with Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation, Investing $250,000 to Help Transform Local Mental Health Support

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Katz Amsterdam supported TTUSD in launching our K-12 Mental Health Specialist Program. Katz helped us pilot school-based therapists during the COVID-19 pandemic which has evolved into a comprehensive mental health system of support in our schools. We have been able to increase mental health equity and reduce barriers so students and families can easily access mental health services and community supports.

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Kim Bradley
TTUSD Wellness Coordinator

May is Mental Health Awareness Month: Please share these community resources

Promoting mental health awareness is essential for fostering resilience, reducing stigma, and ensuring that residents have access to the resources and support they need to thrive. As we move into Mental Health Awareness Month, we’ve compiled resources for you to share with your friends, neighbors, and beyond. Find them on our Tahoe Truckee Crisis And Mental Health Resources page. We also know social connection is vital for good mental health; visit Let’s Talk Nevada County for tips and resources to take care of yourself and others. If you want to be prepared to help your loved ones and neighbors, participate in the Mental Health First Aid Trainings by the Tahoe Truckee Suicide Prevention Coalition May 22, 2024.

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To learn more about our community impact and how you can partner with us to make a difference, contact Stacy Caldwell at stacy@ttcf.net.

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