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$46 Million

Total Annual Nonprofit Operations Driving Local Economy

Our Nonprofit Partners Struggle with Attracting and Retaining Staff

Through a trust-based philanthropy approach, TTCF has developed relationships with our nonprofits based on transparency and mutual learning. While we encourage dialogue throughout the year, our annual grant cycle provides an opportunity for nonprofits to share their greatest needs and challenges.

The 2023 grant cycle made something very clear: it is increasingly difficult to attract and retain nonprofit staff members due to the local housing crisis and high cost of living. This can be seen when an executive director is pulled from strategy into day-to-day operations, and when we stand to lose essential programs that require specific training and expertise, for example a domestic abuse survivor counselor.

This is not unique to the nonprofit sector, but emblematic of the rippling impact of increasing costs of living.

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Why can’t all philanthropy be trust based? Too many funding sources align with a one-size fits all approach. Trust based philanthropy trusts organizations to provide the best services possible while being fluid and adaptive to the emerging needs of their community. When we are faced with critical funding cuts whether at the federal or state level, funders rooted in trust based philanthropy allow us to fill those gaps to ensure vital services are not impacted. It goes a long way knowing our funder trusts us to do what is best.

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Paul Bancroft, MA
Executive Director, Sierra Community House

Donate to TTCF’s grantmaking funds and your dollars will be leveraged with those of other donors to address our region’s greatest needs through our annual grant cycle.

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