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Hot off the Press: TTCF’s Next Impact Agenda

We are thrilled to share the newest iteration of our Impact Agenda. In 2017, TTCF published our Impact Agenda as a new paradigm– one that focuses on readiness by anticipating community issues and reshaping the systems that perpetuate them. This ambitious plan transcends any single organization or sector, and calls upon us all to work together. Published in December 2023, our new Impact Agenda delves into the work we’ve done in three core initiatives you are undoubtedly familiar with: Family Strengthening, Housing Solutions, and Forest Futures. Join us as we celebrate our collective impact over the last five and twenty-five years, and cast our eyes forward to the work we endeavor to do together. Read it here.

Jeff Hamilton’s Legacy: Honoring Commitment, Imagination, and Fearlessness

The Jeff Hamilton Legacy Fund awarded its inaugural Juniper Awards in December. Nine recipients were honored across the icategories of Art, Music, Community Impact, Trades, Medical Care, and Winter Olympics. Awardees were selected for demonstrating commitment, imagination, and fearlessness. The community nominated 131 individuals of all ages for these qualities.

In the last months of his life, Jeff Hamilton worked with his family and TTCF to create a philanthropic fund at the foundation. His intent was “to do significant good” after he was gone. Jeff understood that asking folks to notice who among us was inspiring, contributing, and modeling these qualities would have an impact beyond nine people being recognized. It would turn this annual process into a community wide endeavor to both honor individuals and strengthen community.

Recipients of the Jeff Hamilton Legacy Fund's inaugural Juniper Awards
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Looking across the room, I saw donors, members of the selection committee and TTCF, my own brave daughters, and the recipients themselves alongside proud parents, or spouses, or partners. I saw all these relative strangers hugging, listening to each other’s stories, smiling, laughing, and even crying. There was so much intimacy and warmth in that first of many generations of a family that started with Jeff and his desire to do significant good after he was gone.

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Carolyn Hamilton
Jeff’s Wife and Chair of the Jeff Hamilton Legacy Fund

Inspired to leave your own legacy? We would love to help you shape how that looks.

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