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Community Impact

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TTCF uses its annual Community Grant Cycle as an opportunity to check in with our local nonprofits, to hear honest and in depth information about the challenges they are facing, which in turn informs the initiative work that TTCF prioritizes. Our Trust-Based Philanthropy honors the long standing relationships we’ve fostered with our nonprofit partners and allows us to award unrestricted funding whenever possible, acknowledging these organizations know best how to use the grant funds in furtherance of their missions.

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Funding for “Fostering Forests” will allow us to empower students to take action over the frightening subject of forest fires. I believe that action projects can promote hope over very scary climate related topics, and we all need hope around the topic of forest fires. Furthermore, I wanted to give the students an aspect of service and compassion to this project, where they could learn about the value of defensible space and how it can keep us safer, while directly helping a neighbor in need.

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Melissa ‘Missy’ Mohler
Executive Director, Sierra Watershed Education Partnerships (SWEP). SWEP & Truckee Fire District received a grant for a collaborative project.

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