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Acres impacted

With our Forest Futures grant, we were able to provide housing stipends to our workers, which was essential for completing seasonal fuel reduction projects. We have no shortage of work that needs to be done, and knowing that positions can go unfilled due to the housing challenges we face in our area, these stipends were monumental in recruiting workers by offsetting the high costs they needed to pay in rent.

Rachel Durben Development Manager, Great Basin Institute

Donor Highlight

We are honored to be one of 13 California organizations partnering with Sierra Health Foundation on resiliency efforts, with a focus on climate change and health equity. The foundation’s $70,000 grant will help us weave together the work of Forest Futures with that of the Community Collaborative of Tahoe Truckee (CCTT) and our recently established Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COAD). The grant will also allow us to focus on elevating the role of our local Promotora Network as we build capacity around an equitable readiness for disaster, as well as communications and leadership that is inclusive of all members of our community.

A Prescribed Burn
Our Forest Futures campaign helps deal with the dangerous buildup of wildfire fuels by funding solutions including prescribed burns.

Impacts to Report

With Forest Futures grant funding, the National Forest Foundation completed 204 acres of fuel reduction work as part of a project to protect Glenshire and the communities surrounding Highway 267. In November, early winter conditions allowed the US Forest Service to safely burn the piles of wood created during this project.

National Forest Foundation

Upcoming CAL Fire Grant

In June 2022 TTCF received a $1.9M block grant from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) that will help create greater collective wildfire resilience by improving forest health in the Truckee and North Tahoe regions. This three-year program will open its first funding round application in March 2023 coupled with a “How to Apply” workshop on February 28th. Given the importance of private landowner-specific work, TTCF hopes to leverage the results and learning to inform future efforts. 

Community Engagement

Join us for our monthly Forest Futures Salons to learn about different aspects of regenerative forest management and wildfire resilience. We continue to meet virtually which allows us to engage a broader group of our community and also capture and record the content. Please join us!


Anne Graham, Program Coordinator –