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In December, the Katz Amsterdam Charitable Trust and Foundation awarded the Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation a $247,500 grant to support our region’s behavioral health work. This grant was part of a larger set of awards distributed to community-based organizations in mountain communities to help increase overall access to mental health care, reduce behavioral health stigma, and improve community-developed services for communities of color and indigenous populations. In Tahoe Truckee, these funds will support Community Collaborative partner agency  programs laid out in our Behavioral Health Roadmap, such as youth programs, bilingual and bicultural mental health, peer support, suicide prevention, and substance-use disorder prevention and treatment. Sub-grantees include Sierra Community House, Gateway Mountain Center, Tahoe Truckee Unified School District and Granite Wellness Center.

We are thankful for the Katz Amsterdam Charitable Trust’s continued support of local efforts to improve the health and well-being of Tahoe Truckee residents. As youth mental health needs skyrocket across the country, we now have the opportunity to address this crisis at a local level. The funds granted by Katz Amsterdam will be used to increase youth access to counseling, nature-based therapeutic mentoring, and substance use treatment services. Funds will also address one of our region’s most significant gaps in mental health services by supporting bilingual, bicultural, certified peer counseling and suicide prevention services.

Alison Schwedner Community Collaborative Program Director

The Community Collaborative Celebrates Three Social Service Professionals

Alison Schwedner, Courtney Hollway, Cindy Maciel, Beatriz Schaffert, Paul Bancroft

CCTT has partnered with the Sierra Native Alliance to raise awareness of missing and murdered indigenous women, and participated in a quilt unveiling ceremony at the Truckee Community Recreation Center. The three figures in the center of the quilt represent the heartbreaking statistic that more than 1 in 3 Native girls and women have been sexually assaulted. While the realities of the violence against Native women (which has been ongoing since the Gold Rush in California) is well known within tribal communities—this epidemic has been invisible within the mainstream media. The quilt was hand made by the Sierra Native Alliance’s Youth Leadership group and will be on display at the Truckee Community Recreation Center through February 2023.

Community Education

Resource Sharing Meetings 

*CCTT monthly meetings are limited to partners only. However, portions of the agenda are recorded so that the public can access important information.

Alison Schwedner and Kristina Kind