Wow, what a winter we’ve just endured! With record-breaking and, at times, unrelenting snow it’s no wonder this community is taking exceptional delight in our sunny, warm spring days. In the aftermath of what will surely be a decades-long talked about season, it is clear that our community did what it does and stepped up for one another. Whether it was checking on neighbors to assure the most vulnerable had enough food and heat, or shoveling roofs, driveways and fire hydrants, or grabbing sandbags to prepare for an atmospheric river, we showed Mother Nature we are Tahoe Truckee tough!

In the meantime, local youth worked hard to apply for the 100+ scholarships that are available to graduating seniors each year (awards will be announced in the coming weeks), and our Community Collaborative team hosted a three-part race and equity training. Truckee Tahoe Airport District launched its annual Agency Partnership Program, while Cal Fire opened its first round of grant funding for private landowner forestry work. So much good stuff is going on.

This month also marks the wind down of Mountain Housing Council’s six year effort. While there’s still a lot more work to be done, our region has made great progress in untangling this thick, intricate knot, and crafting a road map of solutions that are being utilized in other mountain areas facing similar housing issues.

Like the Mountain Chickadees who are beginning to croon their ‘cheeseburger’ song, and the daffodils stubbornly poking their heads up between a patchwork of snow, we are resilient, we are diligent, and we are pushing ever forward, together.

Stacy Caldwell