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Locals Found Housing via Lease to Locals and Placemate

In February and March, the Mountain Housing Council (MHC) Speaker Series focused on the housing continuum, which is another way of looking at the Achievable Local Housing bridge that has been guiding our work for the past six years.

Our regional housing data assessments show that we don’t have enough of the different types of housing we need: low-income, employee, and workforce housing. This multi-part series takes a closer look at the housing types we need across the continuum—from emergency shelter on one end of the spectrum to home ownership on the other.

The housing assessments show that the majority of our community members can’t afford the median home price of $1.3M, as well as rising rental prices, which are now at about $1,000-$1,200 per bedroom, per month.

This squeeze on home accessibility, coupled with the impacts on our aging housing (unaffordability of storm-induced home repairs and a gross shortage of labor) exemplify the unique challenges our region continues to face.

To improve the conditions necessary to build housing, we know we need a blend of policy, programs, and capital.

In February and March the MHC Policy Working Group met with California State Assembly Housing Committee members to advocate for more opportunities to reduce barriers and bring funding for achievable local housing to the region. You can read more about the Council’s advocacy priorities here.