Donor Profile Summer 2023

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Donor Profile

Evon Eisenberg, Cherished Donor and Volunteer

Donors and volunteers are vital to Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation. Their time, talents, and financial contributions fuel our mission.

We recently connected with Evon Eisenberg, a 2023 Scholarship donor, to learn more about her thoughts on volunteerism, motivations to give back, and why supporting scholarships is such a deep, personal passion:

TTCF: How did you become involved with TTCF?

EVON: I am a practicing believer in generosity—whether it’s assisting someone struggling with a heavy door, or helping those in need of food or shelter (we have hosted at least 15-20 people to live at our house in times of challenge), to offering a smile to anyone having a hard time finding one. When the ability to give more came into our lives, finding a way to do just that became a “now what” thought. TTCF has made this easy. They support us working with them which has increased our joy in giving. I’m grateful for the ways to support and for all who give of their time…truly grateful.

Evon Eisenberg and Family

TTCF: What inspires you to support scholarships?

EVON: Having two daughters grow up in the Tahoe Truckee community and receive scholarships that honored their work and supported their goals, I truly recognize the value in the giving and receiving. The TTCF scholarship program was created to facilitate and ease the work and focus for these students. This then made me want to create a brighter future for us all by supporting these students. We can help them and then watch them return to be vibrant parts of our local community, as both my daughters did.

In my heart, scholarships are to be given not out of compulsion, but by the awakening of wanting to empower another’s interest in knowledge, and that creates a brighter future for us all.

TTCF: What aspect of the community scholarships process stands out the most for you, and why?

EVON: Meeting the students after reading their essay and recommendation letters was a highlight. Taking the idea out of it and seeing the human beauty of excitement, nerves and hope in those eyes and in those smiles. Observing them getting to reach for their goals in such a supportive atmosphere, as is created by TTCF.