What We Mean When We Talk About Impact

In the business world, you measure success by looking at customers and profits. In the philanthropic, community-focused world, we measure success by impact on the ground.

Where that begins for the Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation is developing a deep understanding of what’s happening in our community. We have a number of sources we can tap to gather that information—we hear from community members, from the nonprofit sector, and from the public agencies. This gives us lots of good data, and we have qualitative and quantitative ways to crunch that data to measure impact. 

We zero in on the specific areas that we have determined change is needed, and then work together to decide how to best affect that change. That, to us, is impact. It’s about finding holistic, inclusive, systemic opportunities to create a better community.

As you take a look at updates on our work, we hope that you see HOPE. With the challenges we face as a community, our mission remains steadfast in dedicating leadership and resources to serve our evolving needs. Our organization continues to evolve as the needs of the community continue to grow and change. We are grateful to our many collaborative partners and donors who trust us and engage in the work ahead.

Chief Executive Officer